Water Pasteurization

WAPI’s. Water Purification Indicators are devices that act like a mechanical thermometer. They are plastic tubes partially filled with a special wax that melts at the temperature at which water is pasteurized. This temperature, about 185°F, is far below the temperature at which water boils. This allows villagers to purify water using less fuel. This temperature is also low enough that water can be pasteurized through solar heating, which requires no fuel at all. Project COPE can purchase kits through Rotary Clubs in America at reduced costs (about $2.00) and ship them to villages where they can be assembled. Once assembled, the entrepreneurs can sell these to fellow villagers or surrounding villagers for two or three times the cost of the parts, and, yet, still well within affordability to even the poorest person. By turning these WAPI’s into an entrepreneurial venture, villagers will be motivated to teach others to use these Water Purification Indicators correctly. Rather than needing follow-up from Project COPE trainers, correct WAPI use can become an economic incentive to the village entrepreneurs. What could be a cost to Project COPE now becomes income to the villagers. The villagers benefit through reduced water purification costs and the entrepreneurs benefit by promoting the correct use.