Waterless toilets. Waterless toilets are perhaps the most popular program Project COPE offers. The villagers clearly understand the challenges to creating sanitary conditions. Project COPE is building three waterless toilets in our 2 target villages. The villagers are involved in every phase of the construction. Project COPE uses the Ecodome toilet which is manufactured in Zambia by Zambians. It’s simple and ingenious design allows for relatively quick installation and does not require complex building skills. At the end of the installation project, local villagers will have the skills to install these toilets properly. Although these toilets are inexpensive by developed country standards, they are still beyond the means of most village households. Sanitation is properly the responsibility of the government although there are several NGOs involved in this area. We would seek to get funding to provide more of the Ecodome toilets to the rural communities. Also, the Education Ministry has expressed interest in putting Ecodome toilets into their rural schools. This would provide an employment opportunity for the villagers who are trained in installation.