Birmingham School Again Helps Mwachilele

The kids at Birmingham – Covington again jumped in to save our Mwachilele project. They wired enough money to COPE to purchase a new and more powerful laptop so they can make the email and Skype connection directly to the school.

We have been struggling for nearly two years to get some sort of Internet connection to the school so Mwachilele and Birmingham – Covington students and teachers can communicate, but we have been frustrated time and again by poor signals, poor equipment, and the jumble of infrastructure factors that challenge all Zambians.

The latest challenge has been to obtain a laptop powerful enough to run the USB drive that connects to the cell system. Even though the cell system connection varies from day to day, Mwachilele lacked a computer powerful enough to make the connection, even on a good day.

Now we await Victor purchasing the laptop and getting it out to the school. We will try again to make the connection. Luck and persistence will prevail this time.

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