Skype Test Successful

Last week we finally had our first Skype contact with Mwachilele School. Mark Morawski, Principal of Birmingham – Covington School in Michigan, Kelly Munkombwe, Headmaster of Mwachilele School in Zambia, Victor Phiri and I all managed to get together on Skype for a test and a conversation about future contacts. Although the test was from an Internet cafe in Lusaka, it confirmed that we had the correct information and contacts to actually Skype.

Students in both schools were not yet in session. But Principals noted that some of their students have been involved in the project from the beginning, and would get to see the outcome before they graduate!  Next test will be in another week or so to establish contact at the school. One of the teachers has Skype loaded onto his laptop. He also has the software to use the cell phone signal to access the Internet. If the second test is successful we will then start regular contact between teachers and students.

This entire process has taken a long time. Mr. Munkombwe updated us on the bore hole situation. The Government finally approved the drilling of the second hole, since the first one now has two pumps stuck at the bottom. Mr. Morawski informed us that the kids at Birmingham – Covington have raised an additional $1000. The two Principals will work together to figure out what needs are most pressing at Mwachilele.

We all agreed it is very exciting to finally achieve part one of our goal.

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