Testing Almost Complete: Skype Coming

After working with Mwachilele school for many days, Victor reports that a Skype test within Zambia worked. The next test, with me here in the USA, is scheduled for next week. If that is successful, then a Skype session will be scheduled for the students in Michigan.

This has been a long and arduous process. There were problems of connectivity, then of signal strength, then of equipment challenges. But the test last week in Zambia, from Mwachilele School to Victor in Lusaka has some technical blips, but worked successfully for 30 minutes. There is no reason it should not work in a Skype to the US, but we want to be certain before we try the kids in Michigan.

The Zambia cell phone provider, MTN, recently improved its signal to many rural areas. Using the cell phone signal, the school has been trying for weeks to access the Internet. They have finally conquered the last of the challenges, and now we are waiting for the results.

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