Finally, a Skype Conference

Mr. Kelly Munkombwe, Head Teacher at Mwachilele school made email contact with the teachers at Birmingham-Covington School in Michigan to set up a Skype conference in two weeks time.

Victor on right with Head Teacher Kelly Munkombwe and Lead Teacher

The efforts to connect have been very challenging, to say the least. First, it was difficult to get a decent signal. Lately the cell provider has expanded signal strength to the Mwachilele area as part of a national effort. Then the technology at the school needed lots of work. Two of the laptops would only connect with WiFi, which is lacking. The first computer that could hook up to the cable did not have a working battery, and since electricity is intermittent at the school which relies on solar power, it was not dependable. It also lacked the software to access the Internet. Finally two teachers, including Mr. Munkombwe, bought new laptops out of their own pockets, and now contact can be made!

Victor will be going out on the day of the video conference to help with the technology to be as certain as we can that the effort will prove successful.

Mr. Munkombwe regrets that the children who originally started this communication project have graduated, both in Michigan and Mwachilele. But they have left a legacy that will benefit the children in the schools today!

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