Village Chickens the Next Step?

Chickens eating on a farm

Victor has started a new demonstration project on his farm that will help the villagers diversify their sources of income. As we already know, depending solely on maize is a long term losing proposition. However, raising village chickens can be a winner.

Village chickens are in far greater demand than the factory raised broilers and fryer, bringing more than two times the price in the market. The major challenges, which include diseases like Newcastle, are now being fought with vaccines and new management techniques. Victor is also feeding the chickens high quality food gathered from the local markets where vegetables are being thrown away after market day. This allows the chickens to grow faster without the need for commercial feed, or letting the animals free range, which exposes them to other pathogens, such as ticks.

In Victor’s words, the greatest advantage?

And it is worthy noting that in most cases, women are the main custodian of chickens in most rural areas. When women earn some money, mostly it goes towards upkeep at household level, unlike their men folks. And moreover, women spend most of their time at home closer to the chickens.

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