New Challenges to Rural Farmers

Although the rains have come and the rivers are running, a new challenge has occurred. Army worms!

Army Worms: Zambia Reports

In some places the worms are so dense they threaten to destroy nearly the entire maize crop. The President had sent emergency pesticides to the affected areas for distribution to farmers. Victor tells me that the infestation is not so severe in Chilupula, but that there is some damage.

The downside of the pesticide, of course, is that it also kills the Army Worm’s natural predators. But without it, the crop will fail. Just one of the challenges of living on the edge.

Many students are not in school right now, since the rains have come and everyone is working in the fields to plant the new crops. We still do not have Internet to the schools, but the Technology person is getting email on his phone, which does get a connection near the school. The Government has promised better cell signals in the near future, but it cannot come soon enough for us.

The Government is finally releasing its report on the bore hole situation. We still have two pumps stuck at the bottom of the old bore hole, with no resolution about getting them out.

Zambia is always an adventure.

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