Coop Plans Its Future

Victor has written a detailed report of his visit with the Chilupula Coop. After several days of meetings, they reached a plan for the future.

Coop Meeting

Coop Meeting

The last growing season was disastrous. Rains came late, and did not last long, thanks in part to El Nino and Global Warming. The result was a very poor harvest. Also, since the Government has put in place price controls, it actually cost more to grow the maize than the income it generated.

In reviewing their experience, the Coop made several very significant decisions about the future. First, they placed a fix cost on using the tractors based on the amount of land worked. The tractors would be marketed to more members of the villages where Coop members live. Since few people actually have money, the cost could be offset by giving crops at harvest.

Second, they put in place an incentive system for the Coop members who recruited farmers to pay for the use of the tractors. The incentive is a free unit of land for using the tractor.

Thirdly, they put in place a written system to document tractor use so they have a better idea of how things were working.

It has been exciting to see how the Coop has developed its knowledge and skills over the last two years. As they begin to formalize their procedures, they are growing into the competent agricultural cooperative COPE had in mind so very many years ago when the project first started.

To read Victor’s complete report, click HERE

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