Another Challenge

Our friend and COPE Member Joshua Lungu was far along in developing his farm. He had organized a local cooperative which was in the process of being certified by the Government. He was working with COPE to develop a bee keeper project. Then tragedy.

Joshua Lungu showing his fields before losing his farm.

Joshua Lungu showing his fields before losing his farm.

He was evicted from his farm by his Uncle. The farm was originally started by Joshua’s grandfather, and he was given permission to develop the farm by his Auntie. However, his Uncle appeared on the scene, liked the way the farm was developing, and demanded that Joshua leave.

Joshua was deeply upset, but his resilience is remarkable. He looked around, found some more land, and has restarted his farming efforts. It is about 20 kilometers from his original place. He has also interested some of the surrounding farmers to form a cooperative. Joshua and COPE will continue to develop the bee and honey project as well as a tractor project. But this unforeseen situation has put us back at least another year.

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