Welcome to Project COPE Zambia.

Our goal is to eliminate rural poverty in one generation without going through the carbon economy.

Skype Test Successful

We finally made contact between Zambia, Michigan, and Florida! See more HERE


At long last our Skype connection is in the final testing phase. See MORE

Skype at Last

Kelly Munkombwe, Head Teacher at Mwachilele School and Victor appear to be victorious over the many challenges that prevented direct Internet contact between our students in Michigan and Zambia. The first Skype conference is scheduled in two weeks. See MORE

Time for Chickens!

Victor has started a new demonstration project on his farm, Village Chickens. See MORE

When a Surplus means Less Income

The rural farmers may wind up losing money after fighting for their bumper crop. See MORE


COPE is about people working with people to build sustainable local economies that do not depend on charity, government or NGO’s. Unless local people can sustainably develop their own lives, it is not likely anyone else will do if for them. Look at what Zambians working with Zambians can accomplish.

COPE is action based on the key principles of the Earth Charter. To learn about the Earth Charter and how you can take action, Click Here

Check out our links above, which include videos and slide shows, or examine our projects elements below.

See our entire Project Proposal HERE

We have an array of projects, including

Agricultural Improvements, especially the 2 wheel Tractor

Water Purification

Alternate Fuels


Village Banking

For information: Info@COPEZambia.org